Used vegetal oil pickup
CEVRA - Servicios Globales, Marbella, Costa del Sol

At CEVRA Servicios Globales we value and care about the importance of our local environment, a finite legacy that we ought to preserve for our future generations. 

We aim at achieving an environmental resourceful vegetable used oil management cycle which will extremely aid the reduction of its contamination, it will increase its value and usage by collecting it from local businesses and taking it to specialized factories where it will be disposed and treated accordingly. Used oil picked up by CEVRA Servicios Globales is being used for gas creation for vehicles and cleaning products.    

Currently in Spain we consume up to 1.100 millions of liters of vegetable oil at thousands of single family households who produce every year 350 millions liters of this waste which massively contaminates our clean wasters. One liter of this used oil can contaminate 1.000 liters of water, thus this is one of the most hazardous products for the environment.  Other side effects of this liquid waste are, blocking up collectors, spreading bacteria as well as being a pretty high expense for the local economy to get rid of completely.     

Gathered data during this throws out here dramatical information and from CEVRA Servicios Globales we want to collaborate with our community in order to preserve our clean waters and environment as well as raise awareness amongst people concerning this dangerous and hazardous practice. We aim at highlighting the important role that we all play in this matter in order to preserve and enhance our environment. 

How do we do it?

      1. We will place at your venue different drums, ranging from 30-50 liters each, which you may fill with used oil from your activity.
      2. We will schedule the pick ups as frequent as you require 
      3. We will issue you your receipt as well as a CEVRA Servicios Globales certificate which will validate your business as legally in compliance with local environmental regulations as well as friendly cooperator in the conservation of our surrounding nature. 

At CEVRA Servicios Globales we value and understand the importance and upkeep of our environment therefore we collect your used vegetable oil as frequent as you demand it.

Please contact us for further details.