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The turbine is of of the core elements within your kitchen fume system which helps to evacuate odors, steams and fumes.  It has to work at its best in order to deliver its full potential in terms of hygiene, energy consumption and service quality.

When your turbine is dirty and greasy, its consumption level rises as it needs more energy to function appropriately therefore also increasing its chance to get burned and the need  to be replaced for a new one.

In the other hand it also increases noise, vibration and fire chance. A dirty turbine it only gives you headaches.

At CEVRA Servicios Globales we offer a turbine and fan cleaning specialized service which will help your business to decrease expenses and potential hazards. Thanks to both our high pressure cleaning robots and our active eating grease foam your turbine will turn spotless and brand new.  

At CEVRA Servicios Globales, we offer free diagnosis of your turbine system, we then may budget you and see how can we best help you and your business to overcome this.  

CEVRA Servicios Globales

The turbine is one of the key components of your fume duct system in order to renovate air supply within the kitchen.

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