Industrial kitchen total degreasing service
Industrial kitchen total degreasing service

At CEVRA Servicios Globales we specialize in full professional kitchen degreasing cleaning services with high volumen of activity, we are proud then to offer our services to hotels restaurants caterings hospitals shopping centres nursing homes. We work along Costa del Sol, any area outside of this range will be considered too. 

We utilize certified cleaning products and specific cleaning processes within this field in order to deliver the best possible outcome to your business, team stock and equipment.  Our team is trained and educated for this type of detailed and delicate job maximizing prevention productivity and efficiency, we also treat and handle your facility as well as utensils with top care, thus by using the right type of products in order to avoid unnecessary damage. 

At CEVRA Servicios Globales we are proud to use the latest cutting edge technology for these tasks, equipped with automatic high pressure robots and its active eating grease foam which eliminates all dirt and accumulated grease which hides in unreachable spots and places. 

We may also offer you specific and eventual cleaning services such as cleaning of walking fridges, cleaning of store rooms, as well as end of high season cleaning or start of a new business season cleaning where we will set your facilities up towards your successful business period.  

We may also clean your kitchen tools and equipment such as saucepan, pan, frying baskets etc in order for them to be always ready and in tip top shape. 

At CEVRA Servicios Globales, we offer free diagnosis of your kitchen, we then may budget you and see how can we best help you and your business to be in the best shape possible for your tranquility, your team and clientele.  

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