CEVRA Servicios Globales

In professional industrial kitchens extraction fume ducts are an absolutely essential element to eliminate fumes and odors from within.

However the greatest hazard for these facilities and its components is grease, organic waste, coming from the intense and continuous activity in the kitchens. This waste sticks into filters kitchen canopy and ducts itself and is highly flammable and bacteria can spread easily.  

This highly flammable organic waste increases fire hazard, this is caused partly due to the lack of complete kitchen cleanliness and lack of preventive maintenance. This also creates odors and higher utility consumption as turbines work extra hard in order to deliver efficiency. Besides, when a fire takes place, grease turns liquid and makes irreversible damage.

This type of incident for your business is critical, thus it will take weeks and months to recover and be operative again. In the other hand your insurance will not be held liable for this type of accident caused by accumulated dirt and grease as well as lack of hygiene and maintenance.

At CEVRA Servicios Globales we are flexible and we are able to cater to your needs, we can schedule regular cleanings, eventual cleanings, cleanings for reopening of your business season or even at business season closure.  

We offer you a highly professional service specialized in duct cleaning, we are also proud of being able to work with cutting edge technology built specifically for this type of tasks allowing us to perform our duties even sharper for your own convenience too.

At CEVRA Servicios Globales, we offer free diagnosis of your turbine system, we then may budget you and see how can we best help you and your business to overcome this.