We are determined and committed to strive for excellence to all of our customers, promote all of our collaborators and preserve our environment with the clear goal of setting ourselves apart and become the top performing company in this sector along Costa del Sol.
CEVRA - Servicios Globales,  Marbella. Costa del Sol

Thanks to the confidence of our valued clientele onto our team and Brand we aim at offering topnotch service as well as the best value for your hard earned money within this field all the way from La linea de la Concepcion to Torrox Malaga and all across Costa del Sol, being our quality delivery our main commitment to our customers as well as our value added in every single one of our interactions and actions with our collaborators , therefore building solid, trustful and long lasting relationships between our team-suppliers-clients are signs of our core identity.

Besides we are proud to count and we put at your disposal the ultimate cutting edge technology in order to undertake this job enabling CEVRA Servicios Globales to deliver and perform as promised and to maximum level of efficiency. This also allow us to offer an innovative approach to your workplace and widen the scope of our services and opportunities that we are able to display to our valued customers.  


Restaurante Santiago

Restaurante Santiago

CEVRA Servicios Globales had the privilege of collaboraitng and providing our services to this iconic marbellan restaurant last month of october 2018.  We revised its facilities, full in depht cleaning of its professional kitchen including its itchen furniture. On top of that we carried out a degreasing and cleaning service of duct system, kitchen canopy and filters. We would like to thank the owner for his confidence in Cevra Servicios Globales and we remain at their service.

Sunset Club Beach

Hotel Sunset Beach Club Benalmádena

CEVRA Servicios Globales had the privilege of collaborating with Sunset Beach Club hotel Hotel in Benalmadena last month of decemeber 2018. We could revise and degrease its three kitchen facilities, motors,  kitchen canopy and filters.  We are grateful for this and we would like to thank the entire management team of the hotel as well as the rest of their team for their confidence in our group. We remain at their service.

Aqui te quiero ver

Restaurante Aquí Te Quiero Ver

Very reputable and recognized restaurant in its sector in the area of Lunamar Marbella who began their journey back in 1977. After forty years of hard work and great service, they already add another restaurant, fruit of their great hospitality and close treatment. We are very proud to serve you.

SanaCatering Marbella

Toni and his great team offer an extraordinary service and catering for events throughout the Costa del Sol after more than 15 years in the sector. We are very proud to be able to secure your facilities and be able to serve you.

Fredericks Bistro Bar Benalmádena

We at CEVRA Servicios Globales are very proud to serve and support Fredericks Bistro Bar Benalmadena and its operation. We wish them all well for its new season opening and loads of success to come in the near future

Grupo Trocadero

Grupo Trocadero

“We at CEVRA Servicios Gloables are very happy and proud to collaborate with  Grupo Trocadero to thrive in their operations of success. We are very pleased to be able to continue to serve them whatever their need.

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CIT Marbella
Círculo Internacional de Directivos de Hotel
  • Muy buen servicio. Me hicieron un presupuesto sin compromiso al que se ajustaron sin sorpresas. Volveré a contratar.

    Antonio Garrido
  • Un buen trabajo, puntual, limpio, ordenado y curioso, sin duda para repetir...

    Sergio Cortes
  • Gran profesional. Muy buen servicio y precios.

    Miguel Marcos