CEVRA - Servicios Globales, Marbella. Costa del Sol
CEVRA - Servicios Globales,  Marbella. Costa del Sol

We would like to introduce you CEVRA Servicios Globales, a local company within the industrial kitchen cleaning field. We are a young fresh agile and hungry to serve company providing support to all businesses within the service industry such as Hotels, Restaurants and Caterings as well as other businesses which produce high volume of food preparation such as Hospitals, Schools, Shopping Centers and Nursing homes.

Today this project is a reality and we are very excited to be here amongst you. Through our multiple services we work relentlessly to improve the quality of life of our customers and their businesses in a daily basis, maintaining and improving the efficiency of their facilities and systems as well as caring for and protecting the environment, whether in our community or as part of our natural heritage.

Thanks to the confidence of our valued clientele onto our team and Brand we aim at offering topnotch service as well as the best value for your hard earned money within this field all the way from La linea de la Concepcion to Torrox Malaga and all across Costa del Sol, being our quality delivery our main commitment to our customers as well as our value added in every single one of our interactions and actions with our collaborators , therefore building solid, trustful and long lasting relationships between our team-suppliers-clients are signs of our core identity.

Besides we are proud to count and we put at your disposal the ultimate cutting edge technology in order to undertake this job enabling CEVRA Servicios Globales to deliver and perform as promised and to maximum level of efficiency. This also allow us to offer an innovative approach to your workplace and widen the scope of our services and opportunities that we are able to display to our valued customers. 

In addition to this at CEVRA Servicios Globales we continue to strive for excellence as well as training and developing our powerful team in order to better meet our clientele needs and expectations. We also implement policies which we consider to be of the highest importance as to improve our service delivery, customer satisfaction and ensure your investment in our company pays its dividends to you in tranquility and in complete compliance with all administrative needs and current legislation. 

Normally full professional kitchens and its duct system are cleaned and sanitized not at a full standard. This is understood as their teams are not qualified for such an in depth cleaning, companies do not have the resources nor the time to undertake such an in-depth cleaning therefore outsourcing this service is a great solution to ensure safety and health to employees and guests. A dirty kitchen where we find grease built up within ducts, canopy, filters and turbines increases dramatically chances of fire, food contamination, odors and systems failure leading to all sort of problems as well as decreasing productivity from your team, higher expenses and lower profit margins.  

At CEVRA Servicios Globales we help you to avoid and prevent all these risks to your business providing you with complete guidance, guarantee and efficiency in all steps of the process until your kitchen system is certified as danger free by our team.  

CEVRA - Servicios Globales,  Marbella. Costa del Sol

How We Work

We are proud to have cutting edge technology such us our brushing robots as well as innovative chemical products which eases and enhances our processes towards a beneficial goal for both our clientele and CEVRA Servicios Globales. 

In a first scheduled meeting with CEVRA Servicios Globales our team  will evaluate your system and will show you the current state of your facility, right there you will be able to examine and decide for yourself whether you would like to hire our services.

Once the contracted work has been accomplished a photographic full report, before and after photos, will be issued and handed over to you for your professional archives.

We will also issue a certificate of guarantee of the job carried out at your premises, which will certify your systems as completely cleaned and up to the standard of the current law and regulation in respect of health and safety governmental department  BOE (BOE núm. 89; Sección I, Pág. 27584). This is a legal document that can be shared too with your insurance company so they are aware of your full commitment with the legislation, maximizing therefore your insurance coverage before incidents. 

All of our chemical products applied and used to perform our activity are certified and tested to work in all surfaces within your facility therefore we are able to achieve greater cleanliness, sanitation and conservation of the premises we work at.  

Our area of action where we will provide support to our clientele is the Costa del Sol and all cities within this area, any other business located outside this area can be also considered, please contact us and we will be glad to assist you.   

At CEVRA Servicios Globales we follow and strictly adhere to all occupational hazard regulations in place through our contracted specialized partners who advises us when required. 


Please contact us for further information.